Porsche GB are backing Parr Motorsport as the official works team in 2001.


Corus hotels are supporting the Porsche GB team. Corus are in their 3rd year of Motorsport.


Henkel Ecolab are supporting the 2001 Porsche GB effort. Henkel are a supplier to industries world wide as well as Corus hotels.


Michelin Tires are backing Porsche GB in 2001 with racing tires. Michelin are also a supplier to the O.E. industry for road going tires.


Pauleys, again a 2001 supporter of Porsche GB, supply produce to the Foodservice industry across the UK including Corus hotels.


Pepsi are also supporting the Porsche GB 2001 effort. Their products can be found all over the world and at all Corus hotels.


Veuve du Vernay Brut is a world renownd bubbly. Happy to be supporting Porsche GB in 2001, expect to see Veuve du Vernay in victory lane as well as Corus hotels world wide.


Automobile Club of Monaco is the local auto club for Matt Turner. FIA International B No. 15.


Privilege Insurance are supporting the 2001 PowerTour Series. Porsche GB will be competing in the GTO class of this years championship. Check out the latest championship info at:


Eutechnyx are the software makers of the Sony Playstation game 24 Hours of Le Mans featuring Matt Turner in the #56 Dodge Viper.


Porsche GB along with the AFN Group are importers of Porsche in the U.K. Providing road cars to the UK population as well as the 2001 Porsche GB drivers.


Richart Concepts is a Crash Helmet graphics, painting and design company that paint Matt Turner's Crash Helmets. Company boss Richard Stevens, a former motorcycle racer, does a great job with painting and designing Helmets