Full Name :

Matt Turner



Place of Birth :

Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

Status :





Lives :

In Monaco. While racing in the British GT series I stay in Oxford, Untied Kingdom, not too far from Porsche GB headquarters.

Hobbies :

Skiing, Languages, Astronomy

First Kart race :

At an outlaw track in Palmyra Michigan. I tried to make a late pass on another competitor and ran into him. His Dad attacked me with the competitors broken nurf bar after the race.

First Car race :

Skip Barber Formula Ford 2.0 at Gratten Michigan, USA

Most notable success :

3rd in Class at Daytona 24 Hours,
5th in Class at 24 hours of
Le Mans

2001 Team :

Corus Motorsport - Porsche GB, British GT Championship

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Country :


Food :

Chinese (Especially Ho Wong Restaurant, Glasgow)

Drink :

Pepsi and Bitburger (bitburger drive)

Music :

All kinds

Game :


Clothes :


Holiday :

My parents' house in Sarasota Florida

Actor/Actress :

Reese Witherspoon

American Football Team :

University of Michigan Wolverines!

Colour :


Car :

Volvo C70

Film :

Contact & Hunt for Red October

Circuit :

Sebring and Daytona

Place :

G§teborg, Sweden

Hobby :




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1: I speak fluent French. I also speak Swedish.

2: I just recently passed my drivers test to get my drivers license in Europe. The instructor never knew I was a racing driver. When I took my driving test I passed all areas with high marks except the speed section. The observer told me I was not driving fast enough and I received the lowest mark possible. I am proud of this fact.

3: I placed 6th in the 1987 Junior Olympics in Downhill Skiing.

4: I have been pulled over by police for speeding in; Sweden, Danmark, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Colorado,California and Wisconsin. Though to this day I have never received an official speeding ticket.

5: In a Formula Ford Race I was once knocked unconscious by a wheel which broke off a competitors Car and hit me in the Head while I was in 4th place. When I came to, after only a split second, I found myself off line and way too deep into the corner. I was able to gather it up and make an outside pass of the 3rd and 2nd place cars. At the end of the race you could read the "Goodyear" logo burned on my helmet from the wheel that hit me.

6: I used to teach preschool in downtown Detroit Michigan at a center where mothers were court marshaled for being pregnant while being addicted to "Crack Cocaine". With my University I was in a study which gained world wide recognition for understanding the negative effects on children who were prenatal addicted to crack cocaine. The study that I was named on was known in the media as understanding the "Crack Baby."

7: While in High School in the U.S. I worked on a farm bailing hey and straw, ran track specializing in Pole Vaulting, did Gymnastics, ran cross country, was treasurer of my High School student council, and had my first girlfriend. My High School and town in the US were named and often refereed to in the movie "American Pie" which took place in my area of the US.

8: While at the University of Michigan in the U.S; I was captain of the University Ski Team which qualified for the US Nationals. I was a member of and lived in a Fraternity House similar to that seen on Animal House. I started my own business which wholesaled and retailed Neckwear called "Kinetic Neckwear". And witnessed every year a University tradition called the Naked Mile where over 1,000 male and female students run naked in the town streets.


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